I help organisations become more healthy and effective by using Agile & Lean values, principles and practices. I work with teams and individual managers, acting as coach, facilitator, mentor and trainer.

--- AGILE ---
Being Agile looks different for each organization - context matters. Therefore I prefer to work agnostic of any specific Agile methodology, instead using all those Agile practices in a pragmatic way while staying true to Agile values and principles. 

--- TEAMS ---
Teams are the fundamental building blocks of an organization. Besides Agile, I am also a professional systemic Team Coach, developing high-performing, intelligent, self-organizing teams.

I believe organizational health is an under-appreciated topic, while it may well be the biggest opportunity for improvement and competitive advantage. This is about cohesive leadership, purpose, people first, culture, transparency, aligned & strong teams, employee experience, and organizational learning. I help organizations become more healthy through a process of systemic coaching and continuous improvement.

--- ABOUT ME ---
With a background of 20+ years working with all kinds of teams in all kinds of industries, my passion is to help teams to continuously improve, reach their goals, and have fun while doing so. I have extensive experience in (digital) product development, project- and program management, and of course Agile. I currently work as an independent, certified Agile Coach. 

Selection of client organisations I worked with throughout my career:

Albert Heijn Online - TNT Express - KPMG - Greenwheels - Telegraaf Media Groep - Hunkemöller - - De Telefoongids & Gouden Gids - WestlandUtrecht Bank - De Goudse Verzekeringen - Allianz - De Bijenkorf - Vestia - Delta Lloyd - DeAgostini - Lucent Technologies - ABN Amro - Pfizer - McDonalds - Meld Misdaad Anoniem - Nationale Denktank - International Union for the Conservation of Nature.


References available on request.