Arne Bolt


Organisational Coach

Leadership Development

Private Coach

My mission is to unlock the FULL POTENTIAL of people and organisations, so they become future-fit and high-performing in collaboration, co-creation, innovation, agility and collective learning.

Most of my work is with groups and teams, using concepts like Agile values & principles, OKR’s, systemic coaching (ORSCC), co-creation, design thinking, lean start-up, management 3.0, lean change management, experiential learning, and relentless continuous improvement.

As part of organisational coaching, I also provide leadership development programs and developmental coaching to executives, product owners, scrum masters, agile coaches, project managers and team-leads.

I am a Co-Active trained coach and a certified Leadership Circle practitioner: a science-based leadership development model and 360 assessment tool, that boosts personal awareness and leadership effectiveness.

Besides coaching in organisations, I work with a small group of private, individual coaching clients.

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I draw experience and inspiration from 25+ years working with all kinds of teams in all kinds of environments: innovation teams, leadership teams, digital product development teams, business teams, military teams and offshore sailing crews.

Selection of clients I worked with throughout my career:

KPN - Albert Heijn - TNT Express - KPMG - Greenwheels - Telegraaf Media Groep - Hunkemöller - - DTG - WestlandUtrecht Bank - De Goudse Verzekeringen - Allianz - De Bijenkorf - Vestia - Delta Lloyd - DeAgostini - Lucent Technologies - ABN Amro - Pfizer - McDonalds - Meld Misdaad Anoniem - Nationale Denktank - International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

On occasion, I provide pro-bono coaching and group facilitation to non-profits.

References available on request.