Arne Bolt

“It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.”  - Darwin

"Engaging the hearts, minds, and hands of talent is the most sustainable source of competitive advantage."  - Greg Harris

I help organisations become more effective by using Agile & Lean values, principles and practices. This results in better product-market fit, shorter time-to-market, less waste, self-organising teams, motivated people, and a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

In the past 15+ years I have coached and managed numerous product development teams, and have been acting as change agent for digital transformation. Besides working with senior stakeholders, I have a passion for working "in the kitchen": hands-on within or alongside the teams, where the value is created and delivered. 

As an Agile Coach I help my clients with:

-  Agile & Lean Adoption
-  Agile & Lean Transformation
-  Agile Coaching
-  Scaling-up Agile
-  Coaching of Senior Stakeholders
-  Cultivate Workplace Culture
-  Agile Management & Consulting
-  Facilitation of co-creation workshops


References available on request.



>  Agile (Program) Management

>  Agile 'Readiness' Quick-scans

>  Intervention & Troubleshooting

>  Recruitment of Digital Talent

>  Digital Agency Management

Agile & Lean:

>  Agile Adoption

>  Agile Transformation

>  Agile Coaching

>  Scaling-up Agile

>  Continuous Delivery

Product Development:

>  Business Model & Lean Canvas

>  Validation of Product/Market fit

>  Discovery (Customers, Product)

>  Roadmaps & Backlogs

>  Service Design Thinking

>  Prototyping / PoC